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 Touch In Sol 

June 2020 

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Our launch post introduces the campaign, products, application process, and requirements to the PrismPop community.

We send out launch emails to our community members and promote specific products in newsletter giveaways that compliment the tester bag campaign.

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Review Highlights

I am going to be giving my feedback on the Glassy akin Balm Pretty Filter by Touch in Sol!

  • PACKAGING: First I want to touch on this gorgeous packaging! I love this pretty pink twist off container! It is cute and compact and easy to open. The only thing I dislike about it is that I think there should of been a little spoon or applicator to get the products out!

  • SCENT: I didn’t really like the smell of this product, it had a lotion type of smell that I was not too pleased with.

  • EASE OF USE: The product is easy to use, as it is a cream product. However, it would be much easier to use if there was some sort of applicator included and I would like it more to have one.

  • PRICE: this product retails at $32. I do find that to be a bit pricey. There isn’t a ton of product so I think the price is on the higher end. I probably wouldn’t repurchase this product unless it was on sale.

  • EFFECTIVENESS: For me, this product wasn’t something that I was in love with and would buy again when I run out. It does hydrate your skin pretty well but I feel like it leaves an almost greasy feel on my skin. I have normal/ combination skin a little oily in my t-zone and normal to dry on my face and dry around my lips and nose. It did great in the dry areas but not a huge difference. So my overall impression would be A 3/5. It is a great product however the price and the way it performs on my skin just made it a no for me. Have you tried this product? How did this work on your skin? What is your favorite touch in sol product?!

 - Tia

📦Packaging - It's definitely an eye-catching box. Bold red and white color scheme with a compound. The bottle itself had a seal. This product would definitely stand out on a shelf for me.
👃Scent - Really like the smell of this. It doesn't smell artificial or super perfumey. I personally really like the smell because it reminds me of natural products that don't have a bunch of harsh chemicals. 💲Price - On average you're looking around $32 for this roughly 2 1/2 ounce bottle. I would say it is worth every penny. A little goes a long way and the two nights I've used it I have seen a great improvement in my skin.
🚧Effectiveness - Yes. Yes. YES. I just started using it and can see a difference in my skin.
⭕Overall - This product is definitely a 5 out of 5 ☆ review. My skin is dry every morning I wake up doesn't matter what I have put on the night before. This product has made my face so smooth and ready for makeup. My makeup lasts longer during the day now as well. It also helped with my acne it seems like. So glad I got this product. Thank you Prismpop!😍

- Karlee

First off, this packaging just FEELS luxurious with the glass-ish bottle. In terms of texture, it feels like silicone which isn't bad, it moves on the skin smoothly, and I didn't really register any scent. I was hoping and praying that this product worked because I have combo skin and whenever I put on foundation it practically melts off my t-zone and into my pores (ew!). When I first applied it, I didn't see any difference in the appearance of my pores but when I put on the foundation....GIRL I freaked! I ran downstairs to show everyone how plastic my face looked because I couldn't see any of my pores for the first time! I'll definitely be repurchasing but I think that will be way down the road since it comes with so much product!

- Dalia

Review: Mission Complete Mild Scrub (Foaming Gel) Once I had received my tester bag, I was very excited about trying the Touch in Sol products. I have heard so many good things about their products and really wanted to try out the products.
Packaging: - Right away I noticed the packaging, it looks really nice and the colors as well. The packaging looks clean and professionally made. The bottle is not too big or too small and it's travel friendly.
Formula & Skin Results: - This formula is amazing and the reason being is that after I had used the product, I noticed a big difference on my skin. The scrubs did not feel harsh on the skin and there was no chemical smell at all. Also, the product did not feel sticky or leave any residue behind. The scrubs remove the dead skin that is on top of the surface. You have to use the mild scrub two times a week and on dry cleansed skin. Once I was exfoliating my skin, I was so surprised at how much dead skin I had. You can see the dead skin that I had removed in the pictures and how the exfoliating left my skin smooth (please excuse my acne stains). There was a big difference on my skin. All of my dry patches seem to disappear and did not leave my skin looking or feeling irritated. The surface of my skin on my nose looked clean and smooth. My makeup even applied and looked smoother and flawless. I noticed that a little of the product goes a long way, which is very nice. The product will last me for a long time. Definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a product to help exfoliate their skin.

- Anita Avila

A must-try for dry skin!

This is a primer dry skin people must try! I have combo skin, on the oily side during summer, so I don't see myself using this on my entire face. However, I do enjoy the glow and hydration it provides! This will come in handy when the weather gets colder or if with a more matte foundation. It doesn't have a noticeable scent, which I love...💦It is a clear primer with a watery texture, feels exactly like a skincare essence. I noticed that after I blend the primer out, it sets into a slightly tacky and glowy finish. I would recommend waiting at least a minute before applying foundation on top of it. I also noticed that it sheered out the coverage a little bit but really improved how the foundation adheres to my skin.

- Kachina