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 Melanie Mills Hollywood 

 May 2020 

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Our launch post introduces the campaign, products, application process, and requirements to the PrismPop community.

We send out launch emails to our community members and promote specific products in newsletter giveaways that compliment the tester bag campaign.

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These came in small, simple, durable little jars. They're tiny so they're easy to take everywhere. They allow you to take the product out easily. They're easy to open also. I love the logo and colors on the jars. They're adorable. I used these on my face-my inner eye corners, the tip of my nose and bridge, upper cheeks, eyelids, and cupids bow to give my face and features a glow. To me, it's like a cream highlight and it's very pretty. These are pretty pigmented so they will show up with only a little bit but you can control how bold and dramatic it is with the amount you put on. Obviously, if you want something more dramatic, you add more. A little bit goes a long way. The texture of these feels creamy and a little wet. They remind me of liquid eyeshadows but with a lighter texture. They're soft and fluffy if that makes sense. They're not watery or super thick. The consistency is in between I'd say. They don't feel sticky. The texture and consistency makes these pretty easy to apply. I just used my fingers and a thin eyeshadow brush but I feel like a finger was sufficient. These smell like brown sugar vanilla to me after application. It's not super strong but if you get close to it, you'll notice it. Iy smells natural to me. In the jars they just smell like plastic. These are definitely radiant and give you glowing skin. They really don't transfer. I loved how nice they felt, how they looked, how easy they were to work with, and all the different shades. I'm highly satisfied with them!

 - Alejandra Carrillo

Beach Glow in a bag

I was blown away by these amazing samples I received. They came in such cute little containers and how much was in these little pods. These will last me forever as a little bit of it goes a very long way and they are super easy to blend. I do have one complaint about it however, the scent of it is a bit strong for me and it is hard to get rid of it once you apply the product. Of course, it isn't so bad that I won't be using them, I just feel that it should be a factor because it is a bit of a strong perfume scent that lingers and if you use it on your lips as I did for a nice glow it leaves a bad taste that seeps through my skin. I got six great colors in this set and I have used every single one of them for various looks. I love that they can be used as eyeshadow, highlighters, and all over glow for under foundation. Opalescence - is a great pearl white glow with subtle hints of purple and pink shimmer. Peach Deluxe - Amazing golden peach color that gives a great sun-kissed appearance. Disco Gold - Gorgeous bright gold that takes very little to give you that beach goddess look. Bronze Gold - Beautiful deep shimmery bronze with a hint of copper to it. Deep Gold - Beautiful deep gold shimmer. Rose Gold - Bright and beautiful gold with hints of pink rose color. I am really pleased with this amazing set I received and highly recommend these awesome products. 

- Vennessa Gatlin

Gorgeous Glow for All Skin Times

I was fortunate enough to receive the Melanie Mills Hollywood Gleam Body Radiance for free in exchange for this review but the opinions given are all my own.

🌈 In this set, there are 6 shades. All 6 come in the same small, twist off lidded plastic container. These containers only held a tiny bit of product but I see why. You only need a tiny dab to create a massive amount of shimmer. This makes them an excellent deal for the price. I will describe them to you from the darkest shade to the lightest.

1.) Deep Gold is the darkest shade and has a hint of dark blush color to it.

2.) Bronze Gold is nearly as dark but has more of a copper tone.

3.) Rose Gold seems to have the most orange hue of the six.

4.) Peach Deluxe is a nearly translucent peach color.

5.) Disco Gold is by far the most metallic shade.

6.) Opalescence has the most pink but is quite sheer.

👶🏼 The scent is the same for all six shades and is reminiscent of baby powder but a bit sweeter. It is faint and quite pleasant.

🖐🏼 These shades can be dabbed on with your fingers and smoothed in for a light shimmer. Alternatively, you can use a lip brush (like I did for the swatches) for a more opaque shade. They are all completely buildable which allows for a look as natural or as bold as you’d like. Overall, these are all terrific products. I honestly don’t think it will too much what your skin tone is. The dark your skin is the lighter shades will be more obvious and vice versa. They are quite versatile.

- Jessica

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